January 2018 Minutes


SEOBDA Business Meeting, January 27, 2018

1. Call to Order by Chris Gregg, but he started with introduction of Jeremy Blackwood, new chair of SOSU with a vocal background. He said they have lots of scholarship money for incoming students. They also are getting lots of music faculty at SOSU.

a. Dr. Scheuerman spoke about large scholarship amounts available and they need flutes

b. On the 16th of  Feb SOSU will be in McAlester recruiting, so seniors in band or choir can go there to audition if they can’t get to the SOSU campus. 

c. Dr. Scheuerman said if there are special requests for District contest, you must type in the comments box, otherwise they won’t see it.

2. Chris Gregg then Officially called the meeting to order by reading of the minutes, but David Hagen Motioned to skip the reading of the minutes and it was  2nd by Mike Baird. Motion passed.

3. Treasure report by Leslie Gregg.  Several people still haven’t paid, but the organization is doing fine financially.

4. SOSU Rep: Dr. Tristan Egner, SOSU,  jazz fest April 21st at the amphitheater, bringing in the group Afro Bob Alliance

5. Election of Officers: Chris Gregg (President), Leslie Gregg (Treasurer), Teresa Bell (secretary). Penny Norris motion to keep officers, 2nd by David Steidley

6. Old Business:

Dates for next year by Mark Price:

Deadline for entries for All-District and OMEA – September 22, 2018 (listed in the OKMEA Magazine)

District and 1st round All-State Auditions – Nov. 3, 2018


OMEA ALL-STATE BAND 2nd round - Dec 1, 2018 (Contingency date Dec 8, 2018)

All-state clinic Jan 16-19, 2019

All-district Jan 25-26, 2019

7. Vote on Audition Locations for 2018.

a.  Auditions at Durant MS. Chris Gregg move to keep auditions at the same site,  2nd by Harley Thomas SE.

8. Vote on Location of 2019 Clinic

a.  Daryll Smith moved to keep it at SOSU, 2nd by David Steidley

New Business

9.  Select clinicinians: They were voted on in the following order:


{ See Table in PDF Below}

12. Chair Persons/Percussion co-chairpersons. The new Chairmen need to see Chris after the meeting. 

2018-19 HS Band – Mike Baird (Dickson)/ Derek Fleeman (Durant) – Percussion

8th/9th Band – Johnny Mureno (Ardmore)/Harley Thomas, Jr.(Broken Bow) – Percussion

 7th Band – Carol Rosso (Harrah)/John Dohrer (Kingston) – Percussion

13. Kappa Kappa Psi Donation – Chris Gregg motioned to continue to donate $300 to Kappa Kappa Psi, 

2nd by Mike Baird, motion passed

14. Any other new business:

A. Mark Price said make sure you enter All-State kids on the OKMEA website. You must receive a pop-up box

after you click submit to verify that they were submitted.

B. Ron Potter in charge of the new Website. 

C. Nate Sheeley – suggested making the 7th grade clarinet part the same as the trumpet.

D. Any concerns about the 7th, 8th, or 9th grade audition etudes need to be directed to Ron Potter at Antlers.

Ron will consult with several directors/committee to make decisions about what changes need to be made.

E. OKMEA Scale change controversy : Mark Price spoke on this. 

1. Working on scale changes because transposing instruments cause issues

2. There is a new oboe audition book: 48 famous studies by Fairling

3. Suggested adding tempo markings to all etudes – at least a suggested tempo range

4. OKMEA changed the instrumentation: Added 2 saxes, 1 oboe, 8 french horns, 6 trombones, 

3 Euphoniums

5. Chris Gregg is questioned that the District level has such hard scales, and then their aren’t any scales

required at the 2nd round of OKMEA tryouts.

F. Contests being hosted by schools in our District:

1. Dickson hosting marching contest during the school week. OSSAA style w/30 minute clinic following each 

performance. Looking at the last week of September or the 2nd week of October.

2. David Steidley hosting guard contest March 10th 

3. David Steidley hosting MS Band solo/ensemble contest March 29th

4. Poteau hosting marching contest, maybe the 2nd week of October

G. Chris Gregg spoke on having 2A, 3A, 4A needing to go to State only concert band contest and doing away with

the District part of the contest. Talk to OSSAA about getting this changed.

15. Vote to Adjourn – Mark Price motion to adjourn, 2nd by David Steidley.


SEOBDA January 2018 Meeting (pdf)