8th and 9th Grade Auditions


**** Directors ****

Please be aware that this year's tryout music has been updated.  You will need to use only copies downloaded from this website.   Please do not make the mistake of passing out copies you have had for some time,


Having said that, please alert me if you find something that you believe to be a typo or an issue with the new parts.  We always strive to make the tryout experience the best we can for our students , while maintaining a level of difficulty appropriate to determine seating in our honor bands. 

Below are the documents you will need for the 8th and 9th Grade Auditions.  You need to download the Scale Sheet, and both Etudes.  These are full sets of music, you will need to find and print only your part.  You should refer to the mail outs for tryout procedures, etc.

Good Luck!


SEOBDA 89 Scales (pdf)


SEOBDA 89 Etude 1 - Odd Years UPDATE (pdf)


SEOBDA 89 Etude 4 - Odd Years UPDATE (pdf)