Clinician Contract

South Eastern Oklahoma Band Directors Association  Clinician Invitation Contract   This is an invitation to serve as a clinician at the South Eastern All-District Band Clinic and Concert to be hosted by the Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Fine Arts Department, January ____________________.  


Clinician fees paid to you for the All-District clinic and concert are as follows:  A. $250.00 per day  B. $0.555 per mile or actual transit expense  C. Actual lodging costs for one person  D. Receipted meals  


Contract Agreement  I, __________________, agree to serve as the clinician for the SEOBDA_____________ ___________________ Band. I understand that I am responsible for the band to which I am assigned and will inform the Chairperson of my music selections. I will also be responsible for rehearsing and conducting said music on the SEOBDA All-District concert on January ______________________.  Signature ___________________________  


Name (print)___________________________  Address _______________________________  City ______________________ State _______  Zip____________ Home Phone (____) _____________Office (____) __________  


SEOBDA President Chris Gregg (Durant High School)  SEOBDA Chairperson ___________________________  Please return two copies of the contract along with a seating chart and a short biography to 

Chris Gregg by April 1


, __________.  



Durant High School Band  Chris Gregg  802 W. Walnut  Durant, Oklahoma 74701 


Clinician_Contract (pdf)