The S.E.O.B.D.A. Bv-Laws


The Association shall be known as the South Eastern Oklahoma Band Directors Association: or hereafter. SEOBDA

Purpose The primary purpose of the association will be the operation and management of a yearly All-District Band Audition, Festival and Clinic for the students of the participating schools.

Officers There will be three officers (president, secretary, and treasurer), three honor band chairpersons, three honor band co-chairpersons, onejunior high honor band audition manager, one high school all-district and Oklahoma Music Educators Association first round all-state audition manager, A,2A,3,A. and 4,A class representative and a host site manager.


President-The president shall call and conduct all meetings of the association, appoint committees as needed, secure all necessary sites, and see that all pertinent information is sent to members as necessary. In addition the President will see that all pertinent items for the Festival are obtained or addressed as need arises. The president shall also contact the clinicians for the SEOBDA Festival and Clinic and secure two signed contracts from each honor band clinician. Finally, the president will serve as general chairman and primary emcee for the Festival Concert.

Secretary-The Secretary will record in writing the proceedings of each SEOBDA meeting and report the minutes of the immediate previous meeting at each business gathering of the Association.

Treasurer-The Treasurer will collect all fees, be responsible for all monies collected, pay all association bills, and submit a financial report at each business gathering of the Association.

Honor Band chairperson-The Band chairperson shall prepare and distribute the music for the SEOBDA Festival and Clinic. The music shall be available to the directors on each audition date. The Chairperson shall be responsible for the initial seating ofthe assigned honor group, attend all rehearsals, check for absence and tardiness, see that necessary equipment is available, issue patches at the end of the concert, collect music and introduce the clinicianalthe concert. See the Band Chair Guidelines form for further information about duties and responsibilities of this position.

Honor Band Co-Chairperson-The Band Co-Chairperson shall assist the chairperson with the assignment of percussion parts, securing and returning of the

percussion equipment for the Festival and assisting the Band Chairperson during the Festival.

High Schoot Alt-District/OMEA State First Round Audition ManagerThe High School/OMEA State First Round Audition Manager is responsible for the receiving and distribution of information about the OMEA All-State Auditions. This person will also coordinate the high school all-district auditions. The representative will be responsible for making all arrangements concerning the all-district tryouts to include: Securing the audition site, setting up the audition area, providing the necessary copies of all music needed and performing all duties set forth by OMEA concerning the AII-OMEA State Honor Band. The representative will receive a $200.00 stipend at the conclusion of the audition.

Junior High School Audition Manager-The Junior High All-District Representative is responsible for receiving and distributing all information concerning the SEOBDA Junior High Honor Groups. This person will coordinate the junior high all-district auditions. The representative will be responsible for making all arrangements concerning the all district junior high band tryouts to include: Securing the auditions site, setting up the audition area, and providing the audition material to include necessary copies of all music needed. The representative will perform all duties set forth by SEOBDA concerning the junior high tryout. The representative will receive a $200.00 stipend at the conclusion of the audition.

Class Representatives-The Class Representatives, one from each class 1A, 2A,3A, and 4,{, along with the executive officers will form an executive committee to propose changes, as need arises, for the membership meetings.

Host Site Manager-The Host Site Manager, if different from the president, shall provide all rehearsal facilities for the clinic. In addition, this officer will work with the band chairpersons to see that all arrangements for necessary equipment are made.

Members The association shall consist of all band directors from member schools having band programs generally within the Southeastern OSSAA concert district. All Schools must be a member of OSSAA or sanctioned bv OSSAA.

Routine The procedure for the All-District Concert Band Festival will be as follows:

Audition material is selected in late spring and sent to all participating directors. (Note: the 8ft and 9ft grade material is selected from a rotating efude list, available upon request. The high school material will be selected from the AII-OMEA material chosen by the OMEA, including at least one of the two selected etudes. All

wind students will play the selected scales and sight-reading material as well. All percussion students will sight-read in addition to the selected etudes.)

In November auditions will take place at Durant Middle School.

A two day festival (Friday and Saturday) will take place at SOSU during the month of January.

Participation in the audition procedure and the clinic are meant to be for the enrichment of the students enrolled in member schools of SEOBDA.Any student who receives a chair in the district band and moves out of the district before the clinic will forfeit his/her right to participate in the clinic.

Revenue Operation revenue shall be collected from two sources: an audition fee of S5.00 pre entry and a participation fee of $8.00. Fees, once paid, are not refundable. Once a student is entered in the audition procedure, the member school of that student is responsible for the audition fee. Once a student makes the all-district band, the member school for that student is responsible for the participation fee.

Deadlines The audition fees are to be paid on or before the audition day (note: signed, dated, and numbered purchase order forms are an acceptable document for payment). Each fee for the festival participation must be paid on or before the first day of the festival. Failure to meet this deadline will result in not allowins the student to participate in the festival

Honor Bands There will be three honor concert bands, one 7th grade, one 8tr-9'h grade and one 10th-12tr grade band for the festival. Each band will use the instrumentation listed below. A separate clinician will be retained for each band.

SEOBDA Concert Band Instrumentation (not to exceed the following recommended numbers) High School Percussion l-Piccolo (HS only) 13-Trumpets 5-percussion I (snare) l2-Flutes 8-French Homs 2-percussion II 6rameg 2-oboes 9-Trombones l-Percussion III gimpani; 2 Bassoons 6-Baritones l8-Clarinets 6-Tubas 7tr Grade Band 4-Bass Clarinet 8 Percussionist 1-Contra Alto Clarinet (HS Only) S-Alt


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